Superior Retreats is passionate about providing the opportunity to move and learn in an environment that is safe, supportive, and promotes a healthier mind body connection.

Our retreats focus on health & wellness by combining yoga, strength, and a variety of workshops and customized sessions to help empower guests to focus on self love, try something new, and most importantly strengthen the mind body connection!

Why Should You Go To A Retreat?
  • A retreat has the benefit of being on vacation with a strong focus on health and wellness.
  • The majority of the retreat is scheduled and done for you.
  • This is an opportunity to reconnect to yourself, take a digital detox, learn or try something new, and connect with like-minded people.
  • Perhaps most importantly, attend a retreat to nourish, restore and reconnect the mind, body, and soul.
Learn More Here!
Local, one-day retreats for a quick getaway with some great company! Good for the soul! Always something different planned, so check back often!
More comprehensive getaways, featuring an extended itinerary of good-for-the-brain activities - with a few laughs along the way!
If you hadn't heard.... They're still cracking down on in-person events and gatherings! But, we won't let that stop our goals of bringing peace to the minds of those who need it!