About Us

Our Mission

Superior Retreats is passionate about providing the opportunity to move and learn in an environment that is safe, supportive, and promotes a healthier mind body connection.

Our retreats focus on health & wellness by combining yoga, strength, and a variety of workshops and customized sessions to help empower guests to focus on self love, try something new, and most importantly strengthen the mind body connection!

What Can You Expect At a Retreat?

Superior Retreats aims to strengthen the mind-body connection with the creation of a safe and inclusive environment while building community with our instructors and guest partners as well as all who attend our events. Our movement sessions, workshops and activities are designed to inspire creativity, energy, interest, connection, and a sense of peace for every individual and within the relationships developed through Superior Retreats. This will be achieved through customized education, practice, and support in implementing the tools and resources provided on daily life across environments. 

Why come to a "Superior Retreats" retreat?

Our retreats combine yoga, strength exercises, and workshops in a creative way that will help you find that mind body soul balance by the end of the weekend. All of our classes are accessible for all levels and we offer free private sessions for health coaching.

What to expect:

  • Comfortable Lodging
  • Master Classes (all levels)
  • Equipment For Class
  • Workshops
  • All Your  Meals Prepared For You
  • Extras such as Massage, Private Sessions, Photographer

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