Retreats & Venues

Retreats & Webinars

Find out what upcoming topics we plan to discuss in future webinars and online workshops. We take our presentations one step further by turning a presentation into real-time discussions, Q&As, or retreats that can be accessed in the comfort of your own home or from anywhere around the world!

Upcoming Retreats:

Atrium Day Retreat

In this day retreat we are offering you the opportunity to reflect and connect with yourself, others, and the natural beauty that The Atrium has to offer.

Kelly will lead you through a unique bodyweight class. You will be asked to connect your mind and your body through different movements forcing you to reflect on all the fantastic things you are putting your body through.

Alex will lead you through therapeutically guided movements that ask you to go deeper into yourself and strengthen the awareness between your mind and body.

And that's not all!

Included in this retreat:

  • Yoga Class
  • Bodyweight Class
  • Workshop - Your Body & Stress
  • Sensory Grounding Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Closing Reflection

Pastries, lunch, snacks, and beverages will all be provided

Retreat Cost: $160
With Box: $205 

Weekend at Washburn Inn & Harbor View Event Center

August 13th - 15th

This weekend includes 4 workshops, master classes, a private dinner at Good Thyme, catering by the Fat Radish, and down time to explore the natural beauty of your surroundings. The Washburn Inn is located within 15 minutes of Ashland and Bayfield so there is plenty for you to explore!

Our special guest includes: Gina, Girl Boss and Zyia Executive

Check out our Facebook or Instagram for fun and exciting updates on this retreat.

Retreat Cost: $550
With Box: $595

National & International Retreat Information

Details coming soon! 

Private Day Retreats Available!

Looking for a unique way to celebrate an upcoming event? Office workshop? Bridal shower? Anniversary?

Simply looking to get your friends and/or family together for the day? You pick the location and the classes/workshops. We individualize each class/workshop to your event.

Cost: $1,000, and includes:

  • Take-away gift for all attendees
  • 1 Workshop
  • 2 Master Classes
  • Optional meditation
  • Optional special topic,
  • 1 Meal
  • Snacks, and beverages.

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